• Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

      Magnetron Sputtering Line Installation

      Innovative and constructive designs for the new application is achieved by a multi-chambers magnetron sputtering line. Film thickness is up to 7 microns.
    • Direct Plating Copper deposition

      It is an advanced coating process and technology applied with LED / semiconductor / electronic industries: Ceramic Radiating chips, Al2O3, AlN, Si, Glass substrates
    • Stainless Steel Flatware PVD Coatings

      With twins unbalanced MF magnetron sputtering deposition, can generate high uniform and high density decorative thin film: jet black, gold, rose, copper etc. colors are most welcomed by consumer.
    • Brass faucets, taps & bathroom fittings

      PVD coatings on chrome/Nickle plated brass faucets and Chrome ABS parts can increase the use life. Multiple colors can be generated.
    • Cathodic Arc Deposition System

      Cathodic arc decorative coating machine

      The decorative coatings equipment contains multi numbers of arcs, easy to change targets as demanded. the coating films have strong adhesion, high uniformity, scratch resistance and longer use life.
    • Thermal Evaporation Coating Unit

      Thermal evaporation coating equipment

      The coating unit designed with tungsten filament or crucible, basket evaporation sources, to deposit the Aluminum, NiCr wire, on plastic, metal alloy for a high shiny, metallic aesthetic finishings.
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    Royal Technology provides turnkey PVD and PECVD vacuum coating solutions. Thermal evaporation, PVD Arc coating, DC/ MF Magnetron Sputtering machines.
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